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How Ministries of Finance Can Drive Resilient, Low-Carbon Development in Latin America and the Caribbean
Finance ministries play a crucial role in the face of climate change challenges, from their functions of managing and evaluating public spending, budgeting, fiscal policy and mobilizing financing. Uptake of this role by decision-making within the technical units of the ministries of finance, although it is advancing, must be accelerated and consolidated, especially in the context of a historical process of economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences on spending and the fiscal balance of governments.

WRI's Finance Center and the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) have organized two different sessions for facilitating the exchange of experiences amongst the Ministries of Finance and/or Economy for leading a resilient and low-carbon development in Latin America and the Caribbean. This exchange will deepen the debate on how the countries of the region can take advantage of different tools to achieve their goals of resilient and low-carbon development, exceeding the challenges presented by the socioeconomic context of the region.

Day 1 – February 15th.
Ministries of Finance and how they are addressing climate finance: A Perspective from the Planning, Implementation and Governance lens.

Day 2 – February 16th.
Solutions to the increase in sovereign debt derived from Covid-19 and its effects on climate action.
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